Annual leave??approved!

Do you read my previous entry on next vacation???yeahhh!! I made it....yuhhuuu~ just came back from Singapore last Christmas... and now im still on leave until next year...oppss..its just another few day left...maaf my english is bad but i like to use it in my writing..'s hard to get my leave's approval boss argue whether my partner can do my job during my absents..

He said he just approve my leave only for 1 day..whutt? I still have 6days for my AL..rasa nak tumbuk pun ado..i said back..."then,u have to pay all my AL n my tickets " he said..."ok,how much total of them?"...oh my...its killing me ok! I said "sorry...i need my rest day" and continue my work,ignoring him...lantak la ko nak terasa ke apa...aku ada hak untuk bercuti..dah la raya aku tak ambil cuti lama...

Seronok gila dapat cuti sampi next year...yuhuuuu~


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