beli handphone samsung s4 bulan 6 kalau tak silap..time tu dalam dilemma either to buy S4 or HTC One. After do some survey, one more better than S4..but there is more expensive than S4. So, I choose S4..

previouly, i'm using LG optimus, im still using it..but for my primary number laa.. opss...this is not the exactly point i jot this entry..yahh..after couple month using s4, i got problem with the phone.

my phone can't open the google show error " Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped" ..
dunno what to do.. i've try to reboot, end all running apps, still it doesn't work..*cry*

last thing I have to do is reset my phone. But, if i do so, i will lost all my data, contact number,pics...huaaaa T_T... suddenly came idea... "why not i try google on the error issue?"

yeahhh~ my brain came out...fuhhh...feel relief... it simple..just go to setting --> search application manager --->  search tab "all" ---> then scroll until down, you can see "download icon" --> click the icon download and enable it... then you have to clear all running program...taraaaaaa~  now you can open you Google store apps.....

fuhh...nasib baik tak reset handphone, kalau tak...merana la nak cari balik contact number, gambar2 and video ilang...conclusion...try to get the solution first before you do the dump things....*wink*


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