Vietnam..Ho Chi Minh....Vietnam Ho Chi Minh...

I've never dream to go to Vietnam, because from my heard, it is for people who LOVE shopping..I'm not shopaholic, so what for i'm going there right? day, mum say, her office wanna make a trip to go, why not i'm going there to see it..So, i'm agreed and we go with one whole family (its only 4 of us)..hehe..


Our flight was schedule on 2.24pm at KLIA (of course). Flight MH758.
It's take about one hour to reach Ho Chi Minh City, forget the airport's name. Ketibaan kami disambut oleh Muslim Tour guide, En. Shukri (from Malaysia) and Mr. Nier (from Vietnam).

It takes about half an hour to reach our hotel from the airport. Along the journey, Mr. Nier introduce himself because without him, we will lost in Ho Chi Minh city..hehe..ya loh...i cannot speak Vietnam..Mr. Nier is a very nice person. I like to hear his story about Vietnam.

Before we go to our hotel, we stop at the famous & big Post Office in Ho Chi Minh city. I'm not sure it is  still working or just for tourist place.There, we can find from small to big souvenirs. Ha, another activity we can find there is, we buy 1 postcard and sent to our hometown. =)  but, im not do it because no money. too bad =[

First thing what i'm amaze is their transportation!! Too many of motorcycle.Based on Mr.Nier, their people prefer to have motorcycle rather than a car.They don't effort to buy a car. Bayangkan, dari 3 lane jalan, 1 lane untuk kereta,selebihnya moto. Too crowded with motors.

Oppss..forget to tell..Their time is delay 1 hour from Malaysia, but for payer time, it quite too early. Subuh at around 4am. We always do the jama' as we are musafir accept for Subuh.

So, for day 1, we just go the post office and the night market. Night market located not far from our hotel. It's about 5 min walk. Haaa..too close right?Actually people who sell things is from the Ben Thanh Market.
Ben Thanh Market operating hour is from 7am-7pm. Then, they will continue open it at the outside till the midnight.

old post office
inside the post office


We were schedule to go to the Cu Chi Tunnels. Ia merupakan salah satu tinggalan sejarah zaman perang Amerika dahulu. Vietkong army has build the tunnels about 200km dan mempunyai banyak cabang yang menghubungkan tempat persembunyian dan pintu masuk lain. The unique is they build by using their hand!!
As per mention by Mr. Nier, Vietnam soil is too strong..yela, bayangkan terowong dibina tanpa menggunakan simen,tapi masih kukuh sampai sekarang. Sangat kagum dengan semangat dan kegigihan orang Vietnam.

I'm not sure the entry fees, either free or not. Because, our guide just ask we to follow his step. hehe.. Maybe the fee has already included in the tour package. The tour in the Cu Chi Tunnels area takes about 2 will not notice you can walk for this long time as we will stop at every checkpoint (will story it).

There are many tunnels since many tourist come do visit. Thus, Mr. Nier bring us to 1 tunnels which not many tourist go there. Actually it depend on the guide, if he is ok, he will bring us to all tunnels(if you are very fit person). There is small hole which only can fitted 1 person with small size (skinny person) haha!
The army (not real army) show how they enter & hide in the small hole.The army will put the leaves on the cover before close the tunnels (as in picture). ****

Next, Mr. Nier bring us to another tunnels and invite us to go down there. Its quite dark & scary..deeper and deeper and you have to do duck walk along the tunnels..haa....scary right??hahha....kidding...but serious, if you have big body size and cant survive in small place, please DONT come in the tunnels. you might faint & can't breath properly..O_o

After that, Mr. Nier show us the kitchen under ground, how they cook without enemies notice the smoke. I really amazed ok!  oh ya...another one forget to tell. We do try the war's weapon. only the not sure the gun type but its heavy..Nahh...this is the first time i'm using real weapon..*wink*
There, we been teach how their traditional food was made - rice paper. So, nice & cool.

Next, i thing not far from the exit entry, we were serving with little refreshment - pandan tea & tapioca. Ahaa...yummy...then, continue until the exit...

Actually it takes 1-2 hours from hotel to Cu Chi area..quite far right?so,kami pun terlena dalam bas balik dari tunnels itu..Penat jalan jauh..

Balik dari Cu Chi tunnel, kami dihidangkan makanan traditional orang-orang Vietnam - sayur & ikan di rollkan dengan rice paper. Hehe..Ade lagi makanan lain, macam biasalah, nasi dan lauk pauk. Then kami singgah di Masjid terbesar di Ho Chi Minh - Masjid Al Rahim untuk menunaikan solat Zuhur. Masjid ini dibina dengan kerjasa orang Malaysia dan Indonesia yang menetap di sana. Kagum aku.

Selepas itu kami gerak ke Ho Chi Minh Hard Rock Cafe. singgah untuk amek gambar je pun. Lepas tu gerak ke tempat shopping..aku tengok-tengok je..tak ade fulus.. (-_-")


Departure to Mekong river. Kami menaiki bot untuk sampai ke Delta Mekong. Tak ada apa yang menarik, cuma kami naik sampan kecik pusing delta tu sahaja. Oh ya, sana banyak barang-barang untuk shopping.

Balik dari Mekong, aktiviti bebas. orang lain suma pergi shopping kain bosann...


Bersiap sedia untuk pulang ke Malaysia. Our flight - MH751 departure on 11am. Kat airport lain jadinya, Oleh sebab dorang shopping banyak, so berat beg dah berlebihan. kami 4 beranak selamat, yang lain tu kena bayor lah..


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